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Advance Mountaineering Course - 41 at JIM&WS (July, 2018) - Part 2

Contd from part-1

Day 13: It never rains in endurance walk while it should. Somehow I complete another endurance circuit and reach back our camp where my breakfast awaited me. Today we were supposed to practise rappelling from a huge cliff and we did. But only after 10 students had abseiled it started raining heavily and the rock face gave the look of a waterfall. Result: Activity cancelled. Thankfully today again the institute bus was at our rescue and we didn’t have to walk all the way back. Rest of the day we rested in our tents while it poured heavily outside till evening tea. I think even the rain wanted a tea break. The evening was again punishment time when one of our instructors noticed that one of us left the toilet tents at Pahalgam which were to be used in the expedition. He had forgotten the name of the student who was allotted the duty to load tents in the bus but so great was that student, he himself also never surrendered and we had an evening running session and shouted…

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