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Galu temple to Snowline Cafe - The Unexplored Route, The Dark Woods...

"Explore & Evolve,  Before you Dissolve!!!"
It was beginning of the third day of my unplanned trip and I could not see and end to the game of Jenga untill someone placed a block in an unbalanced position using his poor architectural skills and the building collapsed without an Earthquake. To get over the loss of such beautiful building we decided to play a game of Bluff using 3 decks and eventually wall clock of Zostel Dharamkot striked 1.30 AM to remind me that I was left with only 5 hours to snore before I could begin my trek to Snowline Cafe, probably. (I was still travelling unplanned).
It was Eight in the morning and I realised that I should stop snoring and start trekking to snowline cafe, 'Probably'. The morning sun rays at the veranda of Zostel Dharamkot were kind enough to relax my confused mind and aching feet but unkind enough like hot tea to not allow me to stand up and check out. Finally after half and hour of fight with my relaxed feet I ran out of t…

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