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Summit or a Failure? - Starved!! (Kailash Kund Yatra Part - 2)

"Explore and Evolve, before you Dissolve"
This quote holds true, holds true so truly that pilgrims continue their journey without water to reach their God. But I wasn't so religious. For me it was just a trekking (converted to climbing) trip just to experience the different phenomenon of glaciers. Why did I continued without water when I was starved?
'Hope!!' & 'Passion' are two deadly words that can move a mountain but what if these two words combine....

This post is in Continuation of my previous post where I explored Sarthal with my Guide Jaswant Singh. Read Part - 1 Night at Sarthal was a comfortable one for the only present tourist in the destination. At 3 AM I could hear the chirping sounds of birds. I wonder what were they doing midnight. As promised by our cook Abdul Rashid we were given our packed food at 5.00 am which consisted of eight paranthas and 'Aloo ki sabzi'. We weren't riding from Sarthal to Chattragala due to non- availa…

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