Silent Waterfall Cafe - A less known Dayhike in McLeodganj

 "Let's fall, Let's fall in the ocean of love,
  Let's fall like water from a cliff high above"

While most people filling the streets of McLeodganj love to hike towards Bhagsunag Falls & Triund, there are very few who visit the 'Silent waterfall cafe', a dayhike which begins from the Base camp of Triund (Galu devi temple). A place which is silent. 

Required Gear-
  1. Rain Poncho/jacket
  2. Hiking pole (Trail may become slippery and narrow a some points)
  3. A litre of water
As it is named, 'The silent waterfall cafe' there is a small tea shop at the waterfall whose owner gave this name to the place. This place is truly a hidden gem which is no easy to find for any ordinary traveler.
This place has series of small waterfalls one above the other which create numerous small & large pools for a perfect dip in hot summers. The trek begins from Galu devi temple if you take a left instead of heading straight to Triund. 
The Trail is an easy one Rated as T-1 on Swiss Alpine Club scale (SAC).
The Silent Waterfall

The total distance which approximates 2.45 Km one way takes you through lush green forest trail and with each new step you can hear the 'sound of silence'. As one takes a left from Galu devi temple, the only thing that accompany us till our destination is a water pipeline always to our right and a leafy trail (If hiking in monsoon). There is a small tea shop en-route which serves basic meals, Cold drinks, chocolates, Maggie, and tea of course (try asking him for marijuana and he may help you out, in case...). There is no other tea shop or even a glimpse of civilization for the rest of the journey except some shepherds passing by.
It takes an hour for a normal human being (capable of walking enough to reach his toilet seat early in the morning, [without a leak]) to reach the waterfall and the views are simply magnificent and soothing to eyes.
I Found a silent place above the waterfall some distance apart from a group of local college guys enjoying their sunday and having fun, and I began writing a poem to document this beautiful view. Spending an hour and having the costliest maggie noodles ever (Rs. 100/-), I was about to get back to Dharamkot but it started raining heavily. This valley is similar to the one we see during kareri lake trek and is very notorious for rain clouds so always carry a Rain jacket along.
Leafy path in monsoon.
I wonder who comes here for dinner...

Trail to the Waterfall (Return journey)

The Waterfall Cafe

Enjoying the silence

Amazing Talent

Valley with clouds rising


  1. Very nicely written article... keep exploring new places and share them. Thanks.

  2. Very nicely written article... keep exploring new places and share them. Thanks.

  3. Amazing and wonderful.keep exploring.gud luk

  4. :D first of all Great Photography and eyes to see....and second good piece of detail...reminds!!


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